Signature brings you great recipes from some of the best chefs in the world. Our aim is to reproduce each dish in an urban small kitchen. Where available we include a video of the chef preparing the dish. All ingredients for these dishes were either found locally purchased online through various providers.

About the photos-- Photos not taken in our test kitchen are credited as taken as taken at the Chefs' Restaurant or from other sources.

We also provide recipes that were inspired (by Chefs'Signaturedishes) or that use similar ingredients to those great chef recipes. Our own creations are listed under "Featured Recipes".

It is one thing to be able to copy a recipe but more satisfaction will come from taking off on the recipe and creating your own dish. As David Bouley says: "I don't follow recipes"..."You won't become a good chef by following recipes".

Let this site inspire you to create your own Signature Dish!

How is the site organized?

Recipes are classified according to where the chefs' major restaurants are located e.g., United States, France, Britain etc. There is also a category of Classical Signature Dishes which may span several hundred years. In addition we have included a section on National Dishes.

Techniques in Modern Cooking -- Many chefs are now using techniques in modernistic cooking. All of these professional tools are available for home chefs online.

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