Spiralizers and Japanese Slicers

What are Spiral Vegetable Slicers or Spiralizers?

The term spiralizer is rather new and many companies still use the term "turning slicer" The Spiralizer has become one of the new crazes for the home chef, considering it's ease of use, affordability and ability to produce countless new dishes -- especially light and healthy ones. Spiral vegetable slicers (also known as Spiralizers) are kitchen appliances used for cutting vegetables, such as zucchinis, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, apples, and beetroots, into spirals. These spirals can be used as a pasta alternative. A firm vegetable is needed to start. The peeled vegetable is held in place with a clamp over the grinder, and as the vegetable disappears into the hold, the cook uses a hand crank to make to send the vegetable across different types of blades. The result is a pile of extra-long, gently curled ribbons or finely cut spaghetti. Interesting, but what makes this tool so great?


creme brulee finished with a blowtorch


Vegetable Slicers -- Turning Slicer or Japanese Mandolin

What is a Vegetable Sheeter?

The Vegetable Sheeter (also called a turning slicer) shown below is used to cut flat sheets of vegetables and should not be confused with the turning slicer above which is also called a turning slicer by many.

The Peel S slicers are suitable for making sheets out of hard vegetables (i.e. daikon radish.)

japanese turning slicer with potato sheets_______chiba-turning-slicer


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